Public Literature

According to the European Regulation for plant protection products ((EC) 1107/2009), scientific peer-reviewed open literature on the active substance and all relevant metabolites, published within the last 10 years before date of a renewal submission, have to be included in the dossier submitted by the applicant.

To make sure no relevant publication is missing, the search is updated months before the date of submission. By following a defined and approved evaluation process, no relevant studies will be missed. 

The list of all relevant public literature from the 2012 submission and the updated list of all relevant public literature from the 2020 submission is now made available on the website.  

All literature including work that is dealing with side-effects on health, the environment and non-target species is evaluated for relevance and reliability of the reported findings. Those articles that pass this evaluation process will be included in the dossier and addressed in the risk assessment. Nevertheless, all original search results will be listed in the dossier in a dedicated Literature Review Report and made available for authority and public review.

By giving access to the 2012 and 2020 dossiers, including timely publication of the list of new studies commissioned and correspondence with the authorities, the Glyphosate Renewal Group sends a strong signal on the robustness of its transparency commitment.

  • Tox: Document “Glyphosate_RAR_14_Volume_3CA_B-6.7 – B-6.10_2021-08-10.pdf” – pages 770 – 922
  • Ecotox: Document “Glyphosate_RAR_20_Volume_3CA_B-9_Appendix literature search_2021-08-10.pdf” – 580 pages
  • Biodiversity: Document “Glyphosate_RAR_30_Volume_3CP_MON 52276_B-9_App_lit_biodiv_2021-08-10.pdf” – 97 pages 



[1] The figures can be found on the Literature Review Report: Scientific peer-reviewed open literature for the approval of pesticide active substances glyphosate and metabolites (“KCA 9-001_108689-CA9-1_LRR_Anonymus_2020.pdf”), which is available for ordering via our GRG website.
To order it, go to this link , click on reference list for 2020, go to last page of the downloaded pdf (page 51) and click to order your copy. After agreeing to terms and conditions you will receive a copy of the report in a few days.