Public Literature

According to the European Regulation for plant protection products ((EC) No 1107/2009), scientific peer-reviewed open literature on the active substance and all relevant transformation products (metabolites), published within the last 10 years before the date of a renewal submission, have to be included in the dossier submitted by the applicant.

The search is updated before the dossier submission, following a defined and approved evaluation process, so no relevant studies are missed. 

All literature, including work that is dealing with side effects on health, the environment, and non-target species, is evaluated for relevance and reliability of the reported findings. Those articles that pass this evaluation process were included in the dossier and addressed in the risk assessment. 

Although not all public literature articles pass the evaluation, all original search results are listed and documented by the GRG in the dossier in a dedicated Literature Review Report (LRR) and were made available for the evaluating Member States and public review.

LRR part one covers the search period Jan 2010 – Dec 2019, LRR part two covers the search period Jan 2020 – Jun 2020, and the third LRR is dedicated to the literature review of the endocrine-disrupting properties of glyphosate. 

In these LRR documents, the GRG’s whole public literature search, selection, and evaluation process of the > 12,000 retrieved scientific articles is transparently described in detail, and all search results are documented in dedicated tables and made available for authority and public review.

These documents are all available for download below. The structure and content of these reports comply with the requirements of the applicable EFSA guidance. 

You can also download the comprehensive lists of public literature articles identified by the applicant GRG as non-relevant, including justification for not being included.

By giving access to the lists of all relevant public literature from the 2012 submission, the updated list of all relevant public literature from the 2020 submissions, the LRRs, and the lists of public literature articles identified by the applicant GRG as non-relevant, the Glyphosate Renewal Group sends a strong signal of the robustness of its transparency commitment.