Authority Communication

On this page you will find copies of the correspondence between the Glyphosate Renewal Group and regulatory authorities involved in the process to renew the EU authorisation of glyphosate.

Regular communication between the parties involved is a normal practice of regulatory processes. Sometimes exchanges in writing are needed to provide clarifications without waiting for formal meetings. In line with its commitment to transparency, the Glyphosate Renewal Group will disclose the correspondence with the Assessment Group on Glyphosate (AGG) and other regulatory authorities.

The GRG Transparency Initiative

The GRG has proposed to make the 2020 glyphosate renewal dossier and the new study reports publicly available and has invited EFSA to join this initiative.

GRG/AGG Letter Exchange Regarding Dossier Admissibility

On 18 August 2020, the regulatory authorities from France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden, forming the Assessment Group on Glyphosate (AGG), informed the Glyphosate Renewal Group (GRG) that the scientific dossier on glyphosate, submitted by GRG in June, is complete and admissible. The AGG will initiate now the science-based evaluation of glyphosate safety.

GRG Reply on ANSES Request for Testing Material

GRG answer to ANSES France request for sourcing glyphosate active substance and request for further information concerning the ANSES study plan on characterization of glyphosate carcinogenic potential.

GRG/AGG Letter Exchange Regarding Potential Impact of COVID

GRG/AGG letter exchange regarding potential impact of covid-19 pandemic on glyphosate renewal dossier preparation and submission timeline.