Environment & Biodiversity

Environment & Biodiversity

Today we need to achieve productivity increase without the cultivation of more land, while conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services. Therefore, industry is committed to protect and enhance biodiversity by providing safe crop protection products that support integrated crop management approaches, promoting the uptake of good agricultural practices such as crop rotation and diversification as well as reduced tillage systems.

Biodiversity: evaluating indirect effects of herbicides on ecological food pyramids

Agriculture and biodiversity are inextricably intertwined, for example, healthy crops require fertile soils and beneficial insects such as pollinators. Maintaining productive crops generally requires crop protection products, such as glyphosate. These products play a crucial role in helping to manage and mitigate the impact of various pests, diseases, and weeds that can negatively affect crop yield and quality.

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Pollinators are critical for global ecosystems and sustainable agriculture. Of the 115 leading global crops consumed by humans, 87 are, to some degree, pollinated by insects.

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