Glyphosate Study Reports

Here you can find the list of all glyphosate study reports commissioned by our predecessor, the Glyphosate Task Force, for the application submitted in 2012. Those studies were part of the scientific dossier submitted to competent authorities in 2012 to prove the safety of glyphosate and request EU authorization.

The Glyphosate Renewal Group will provide access, via this page, also to the study reports of the glyphosate dossier to be submitted in June 2020 (with the minor exception of those documents containing certain information product-related, not safety-relevant information). Please visit us again after the dossier submission in summer 2020.

If you are interested in obtaining and reviewing any of these full study reports, you can easily do this via the hyperlinks provided in the reference lists that you can download below.

By giving access to the 2012 and 2020 dossiers, including timely publication of the list of new studies commissioned and correspondence with the authorities, the Glyphosate Renewal Group sends a strong signal on the robustness of its transparency commitment.

Disclaimer: For data privacy and in accordance with existing law, all personal information and testing facilities of vertebrate studies have been redacted from the documents.