Our owned studies

Here you can find the list and request a copy of all the reports of the new glyphosate studies that were commissioned by the Glyphosate Renewal Group or its member companies for the 2020 Scientific Dossier. This dossier was submitted to the Assessment Group on Glyphosate on 8 June 2020 to seek the renewal of the glyphosate authorisation in the EU after the expiry of its validity in December 2022.

Also on this page, you can find the list and request a copy of all the reports of glyphosate studies commissioned by our predecessor, the Glyphosate Task Force, for the application submitted in 2012. Those studies were part of the scientific dossier submitted to competent authorities in 2012 to prove the safety of glyphosate and request EU authorization.

If you are interested in obtaining and reviewing any of the full study reports from the 2012 submission or the recent 2020 submission, you can easily do this via the hyperlinks provided in the reference lists that you can download below. Should you wish to obtain all the study reports from the 2020 submission in one go, please get in touch with the Glyphosate Renewal Group via the online contact form indicating your organisation and postal address.

By giving access to the 2012 and 2020 dossiers, including timely publication of the list of new studies commissioned and correspondence and meeting minutes with the authorities, the Glyphosate Renewal Group sends a strong signal on the robustness of its transparency commitment.

Non-GRG members that need to cite protected data included in our jointly owned studies to support their application for authorisation of a glyphosate plant protection product (PPP) can find the detailed framework for access to studies under The Scientific Dossier page in the Access to Studies for non-GRG Members Guidelines.

Disclaimer: For data privacy and in accordance with existing law, all personal information and testing facilities of vertebrate studies have been redacted from the documents.