Welcome to our website. On 27 April 2020, we relaunched the glyphosate.eu website to engage in communication around glyphosate and its re-approval process in the European Union (EU). The renewal process for the herbicide glyphosate began in December 2019 with our submission of the application, and a final renewal decision is scheduled for December 2022.

Understanding the broader interest in this specific process, the eight member companies of the Glyphosate Renewal Group (GRG) are providing access to all the information part of this renewal process. In the past, there was no route for interested stakeholders to easily access the data provided by the applicants to support the re-registration or to participate in the evaluation process. We are changing this: starting ahead of the dossier submission, we are providing the minutes and presentations of our meetings with the competent regulatory authorities (AGG), as well as the application with the list of new studies conducted by the GRG. Furthermore, we are providing access to the 2012 glyphosate dossier that was submitted to the EU authorities at the time. In addition, we are also providing information specifically on those areas that have raised questions from the public in the past. We will continue to provide information part of the process through the glyphosate.eu homepage.

We are doing this motivated by the honest will to support the most transparent, science-based process that this important tool deserves.

As someone who works in the agricultural industry, I know that farmers seek sustainable agricultural practices to produce the food we eat and that they require access to a variety of crop protection tools to guarantee that this food is available to us.

As a scientist, I believe the regulatory process is here to serve society, and one of the ways to do that is to make the safety studies supporting technologies like glyphosate more transparent to the public.

As a mom and passionate cook, I want to live in a world where my family has access to high quality grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, grown in my proximity, and where the environment will be preserved.

As GRG Chairman, I am personally committed to ensuring the decisions made during the regulatory process are based on sound science and supported with transparent, honest and cooperative dialogue among all stakeholders, while also respecting different viewpoints.

We hope you like the design of our new website, and enjoy the navigation that will allow you to quickly and easily find inspiring, helpful information, access to scientific studies, and much more.

Please let us know if you cannot find what you are looking for – and feel free to offer any suggestions for other information or topics that could improve the value of this website to you.

Best regards,
Cristina Alonso
GRG Board Chair
Head Regulatory Affairs Crop Protection, Bayer AG

April 2020