The GRG has prepared a position document detailing key areas of the Ecotoxicological risk assessment, that relate to the ‘Effects on Non-Target Species’ sections of the dRAR.

The GRG has submitted multiple ecotoxicological risk assessments covering a range of non-target species, using endpoints from existing and new regulatory ecotoxicological studies that have been conducted with glyphosate technical material and the representative formulation.

The evaluation of these study data and associated risk assessments account for approximately 1300 pages of the dRAR. 

The study data, risk assessments, and the corresponding evaluations in the dRAR are located specifically:

  • Volume 3, Part B.9 (MCA) for ecotoxicological studies conducted with the active substance glyphosate and also with the metabolite AMPA;
  • Volume 3 Part B.9 (MCP) for ecotoxicological studies conducted with the formulated plant protection product (MON 52276) and the risk assessment. 

The full position document covering key areas of the ecotoxicological risk assessment can be accessed via this link.