The following document summarises points relating to the fate of glyphosate in the environment within the Annex I renewal dossier submitted by the Glyphosate Renewal Group (GRG, applicant). The dossier was evaluated by the Assessment Group for Glyphosate (AGG) acting as RMS consisting of the corresponding competent authorities of France, Hungary, The Netherlands and Sweden.
Following the public commenting period on the draft Renewal Assessment Report (dRAR) from 23rd September to 19th November 2021, an additional information request was received from EFSA on 14th March, 2022 in the context of ‘stop-the-clock’.
The requests referred to the following areas:

  • Position papers to further assess, support and elucidate experimental studies, kinetic evaluations, ecoregion crosswalk of North American field studies, and endpoint selection for modelling.
  • Summary of 13 additional public literature articles.
  • Update of study information (e.g. addendum to study reports for studies from the applicant that were already submitted).
  • Update of risk assessment based on proposed endpoints from EFSA, as well as endpoints selected by the applicant following updated kinetic evaluations.

The following provides targeted summaries of important topics for the ongoing EU Review process regarding environmental fate.

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