FR Useful Information

FR The Glyphosate Task Force is committed to contribute to all relevant aspects of the EU procedure to re-assess and re-authorise glyphosate in the EU. The Glyphosate Task Force will do so in a factual, scientific and transparent way.

FR Glyphosate is often referred to as “active ingredient” because it is the ingredient that allows herbicides to do what they are meant to: eliminate weeds.

FR Glyphosate-based herbicides, used as indicated on their labels, are a safe and effective tool to manage invasive plants that would put at high risk agricultural production, especially reducing crops’ productivity, but also plants that would damage the safety, stability and usability of railway tracks, highways, dams, flyovers and more.

FR First introduced in 1974, glyphosate has been safely used ever since. FR In agriculture, glyphosate-based products are applied on a wide range of crops, including cereals, oilseed rape, field beans, sunflowers, grain maize, sugar beet and grassland.

FR Glyphosate has a long history of effective contribution to climate sustainable and soil-conserving farming practices.