The GRG has prepared a document summarizing the 741-page Monitoring data section (B.8.5) of the dRAR.

An extensive assessment of existing public monitoring data has been submitted, based on a collection of public monitoring data (raw data and aggregated data from national authorities and any regional/national agencies – ‘raw data’ refers to digital data representing official spatially and temporally explicit monitoring data, whereas ‘aggregated data’ refers to information provided in publicly available reports, e.g. from environmental agencies or research institutes) and on a review of open literature.

Within the dRAR, the GRG submitted ten new applicant studies, seven existing applicant studies and many published peer-reviewed papers (considered reliable or reliable with restrictions) covering the monitoring of glyphosate and its principal metabolite AMPA (amino methyl phosphonic acid) in soil, groundwater, surface water, transitional water, sediment, drinking water and air.

The framework and the main results can be found in the slides below. The full Position Paper can be accessed via this link.

The topic of drinking water treatment can be found in the dRAR chapter B.8.2.4 (pages 1133-1258).
The respective sections in the submitted summary dossier can be found in the chapter MCA7.5 which is the last part of the environmental fate chapter.

Click on the image to access the presentation.