FR The Scientific Dossier

FR The Glyphosate Renewal Group submits a scientific dossier to the competent authorities for the safety assessment of glyphosate. This scientific dossier contains all regulatory documents and scientific studies and articles which are relevant for the renewal of the glyphosate registration, based on latest data requirements.

FR Some years ago, Glyphosate already went through a similar renewal process (2012 – 2017), with the outcome of a five-year re-approval.

FR On this website the Glyphosate Renewal Group provides easy access to the public part of the dossier submitted in 2012 for the last re-approval.

FR In addition, full study reports submitted in 2012 for which the Glyphosate Renewal Group has access and disclosure rights, will be made accessible to interested persons via a simple online ordering procedure (with the minor exception of those documents containing certain production related, not safety relevant information).

FR Furthermore, the entire public part of the 2020 glyphosate renewal dossier, including any new study reports, will be made accessible via this website soon after submission in summer 2020 (with the minor exception of those containing certain production related, not safety relevant information);