FR Meeting Minutes

FR Prior to submitting the application for the approval of an active substance, the applicant has the possibility to meet with the Rapporteur Member States (AGG) and EFSA to discuss procedural and scientific topics and obtain guidance.

FR These so-called "pre-submission meetings" take place by conference call or by in-person meetings. FR The European Food Safety Authority = (EFSA) participates as an observer in these meetings, supporting the Assessment Group on Glyphosate as required. FR Until now, the Glyphosate Renewal Group had two conference calls and two face-to-face meetings with the Assessment Group. FR Presentations discussed during these meetings, as well as minutes, will be published on this website and in parallel on the website of the Assessment Group on Glyphosate:

FR A pre-submission meeting can be requested by the applicant to discuss technical aspects of the renewal process as well as to obtain guidance on improving the quality of the dossier.