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BfR study finds no glyphosate residues in breastmilk

A study commissioned by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has found that no residues of glyphosate were found in 114 breastmilk samples.
This research was initiated by the BfR in response to a study commissioned by the Green party in Germany and published in June 2015 which claimed that glyphosate had been detected in 16 samples of breast milk. However, these particular findings were never independently verified and details about the methodology of the tests were not released, thus making the results scientifically unreliable.  
The BfR therefore decided to commission its own research. The tests were conducted by specialised, independent laboratories using highly sensitive detection methods. No residues of glyphosate were found to be present above the limit of detection in any samples. The president of BfR, Andreas Hensel, stressed the importance of using credible scientific evidence in this context, rather than confusing or scaring consumers unnecessarily with the results of unreliable studies.
A statement by the BfR on the issue can be read here.

Last update: 16 February 2016