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Argentina and glyphosate: GTF position on recent claims

Allegations linking the use of glyphosate as the cause of serious health effects in Argentina have generated a degree of media attention. Gabriel Durando These stories relate to research carried out by students in 2014 in a rural area of Argentina, under the direction of a paediatrician from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC).
Some commentators have alleged that there is a link between an increase in incidents of cancer and various chronic diseases with the use of pesticides in areas devoted to the cultivation of soybeans. The use of glyphosate has been repeatedly mentioned in this context.
Media articles in Argentina from the period in question point out that the academic authorities from UNC do not support this study because it does not meet the necessary scientific standards. Nor do they back its author in his attempts to promote it. The original articles (in Spanish) can be found here:

The European Food Safety Authority has recently published its conclusions on the safety of glyphosate, which confirmed that the substance poses no unacceptable risk when used appropriately.
The Glyphosate Task Force is not aware of any possible link between the use of agricultural pesticides, such as glyphosate, and any alleged negative health impact that may be occurring in the soybean growing areas of Northern Argentina.
While the images shown by some media such as France5 do trigger our compassion and concern, the portrayal of glyphosate as the cause in the absence of any further evidence or credible scientific based research may only distract from whatever the real issue could be.


Last update: 27 November 2015