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Industry Task Force welcomes important step in the EU review of glyphosate

The Glyphosate Task Force welcomes the finalisation of the assessment report of glyphosate  by Germany, the rapporteur Member State appointed to review existing and new data relating to the human and environmental safety profile of glyphosate. The re-evaluation of glyphosate is part of a standard procedure for crop protection products, which have to undergo a renewal process controlled by the European Commission.
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The assessment report drafted by Germany was available on the website of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and all interested parties and stakeholders were invited to comment on its contents and conclusions.
The Glyphosate Task Force, which comprises 24 member companies, especially welcomes the fact that the assessment report drafted by Germany provides a comprehensive and detailed review of new studies, peer reviewed literature and additional information - including that submitted by stakeholders.
The Glyphosate Task Force notes that the report’s conclusions broadly confirm earlier regulatory assessments regarding glyphosate’s safety profile, in particular that it has limited toxicity for man, animals and the environment; is not neurotoxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic; is not toxic to reproduction or development, does not have endocrine disrupting properties; is not bio-accumulative or persistent and has minimal toxicity for bees.
Finalisation of the assessment report represents the beginning of a new phase in the renewal process for glyphosate. In this regard, the Glyphosate Task Force awaits EFSA’s conclusions which are expected later this year.

Last update: 06 February 2015