Glyphosate Facts

Transparency on safety aspects and use of glyphosate-containing herbicides in Europe


A global herbicide with a number of benefits

Over the past 30 years, glyphosate has become the most important herbicide in global agriculture. For farmers, glyphosate herbicides provide simple, flexible and cost-effective weed control as glyphosate helps to remove perennial weeds for several years. Its effectiveness as a broad-spectrum herbicide has ultimately reduced the use of ploughing as a means of controlling weeds, which exposes fertile topsoil to water and wind erosion.

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At the same time, glyphosate is a herbicide that has a long history of safe use. It presents a low risk to human health and animals and is unlikely to leach into groundwater from the soil.

So far, no other herbicide alone combines all of these characteristics, which is why glyphosate is used extensively to control weeds in a wide variety of agricultural, industrial and domestic situations and is so much demanded by farmers, large and small, all around the world.

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Last update: 12 November 2012