Glyphosate Facts

Transparency on safety aspects and use of glyphosate-containing herbicides in Europe


Do typical agricultural applications of glyphosate harm frog populations?

A tadpole is the larval stage of frogs and toads. (© PeeF/

In recent years, media headlines such as "Popular herbicide kills tadpoles " have fuelled a public debate about the potential risks of glyphosate for ecosystems. The media attention was generated in larger part by a study on frogs which claimed to link the application of glyphosate to a widespread decline in amphibians. The study was however not based on an agricultural application scenario and unrealistically high dosages were applied in the experiments which are extremely unlikely to occur in natural wetlands..

Many scientific studies have tested whether glyphosate-based formulations could potentially damage natural frog population. Even in the worst case of an unintentional overspray directly into water, no acute effects were observed.

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Last update: 25 October 2012